La Maquina Invisible

        Currently, the group continues to explore the creation of new compositions and music within the genre, in parallel with the dissemination of its recent record material. With its intensity and development, the group stands out for its live performances and the variety of its repertoire, which ranges from classics of the citizen music (reversionados in modern key) to very recent compositions of its musicians, also giving rise to versions tango songs of rock songs, like tangos in the voice of his singer Gisela Stival.




The group was born in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina in 2013, with the aim of playing a repertoire capable of encompassing the classic tango styles as well as the contemporary sonorities of the genre. Thus, in its 5 years of experience, the group has toured the work of Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Salgán, Julián Plaza, Pedro Laurenz, Julián Peralta, Ramiro Gallo and other great exponents of the tango of yesterday and today, through the interpretation of own versions and original arrangements. Throughout his career The Invisible Machine has been presented in numerous stages of the local and international scene, highlighting the IV International Festival of Iguazú Children's Concert Orchestras, the Metropolitan Tango Meeting of Rosario (IV, V, VI and VII) , the 1st International Meeting Tango Para Músicos 2014 and Circulart (Medellin, Colombia) Latin American Market of the Independent Music Industry. They have participated in successive audiovisual productions for the award-winning television program "Subject Tango", occasionally performing together with María Volonté and outstanding musicians of the genre.

The Invisible Machine was declared in 2017 as WINNER in the First International Contest of New Tango Ensembles (also called First World Tango Orchestra), selected among 57 orchestras of the world by a jury composed of the most important references of the current tango, among Ramiro Gallo, Julián Peralta, Diego Schissi, Gustavo Margulies and Juan Carlos Cuacci. The set was presented on 2 occasions at the Kirchner Cultural Center on February 18 and 19, 2017.

The same year, the group is awarded by the Municipal Editorial of Rosario with the Prize for Phonographic Coproductions, allowing the edition of the first album of the group, entitled "The Invisible Machine". The debut material involves a journey through all the sounds that go through the group, from versions of classics of the genre to compositions in personal and current key. A material with works entirely composed or arranged by musicians of the whole and the city, proposing a new look on the tango genre and exploring the limits of the citizen music. The album was presented in Rosario at the Prince of Asturias Theater in October of 2017 to full house and with an unbeatable impact on the local media.